..and i like it

starting again, looking for somewhere to begin
where the floor ain’t so thin and there’s nothing on my skin
he don’t know who i’ve been how low i’ve fallen down
but this is the scene where i’m not gunna drown

this isn’t what he expected when he saw me face to face
he saw my imperfections and he’d rather there was space
which is good i guess without him now there’s nothing to weigh me down
cause i’m changing to who i wanna be and i couldn’t do it with him around

and i like it.. like feeling the breeze in my face
for the first time after being locked in  a room with no grace
and i like it.. like feeling the drops of rain on my skin
finally feeling something again finally in for the win
and i like it

i know sometimes i’m crazy  other times i’m too quiet
there’s days i just wanna be lazy and others i wanna riot
but somehow in the midst of my suffering you seem to be here with me
you see the walls i’m building and you love who i thought was nobody

i’m starting to see whats true but i’m scared of the unknown
there’s days i still don’t know what to do but you melt this heart of stone
now i know i’m not alone you’ve got me hand in hand
i don’t have to fight this world on my own because here with you i will stand.


Tot feeling rain for the first time


stay strong


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