Procrastinator envy 

I think we’re all guilty at this at one time or another.

Looking over the fence, wishing for what others have.

But that’s all we do, we just sit on our butts and wish.

Most of us will get to the point where we will get off our butts and move, but there is only a small percentage of the population that will actually get to where we first were wishing to be.

I am so guilty of sitting there hoping for better, or wishing I could of changed the past, looking at other people’s lives and hoping for the future. But what I seem to do then is try to get there.. For about a week, then decide it’s too hard or scary or whatever excuse I make and go back to my wishing hoping and wanting.

There is a LOT to figure out, and I’m only just getting started. Adult life is scary, and yes I do wish sometimes I had it better or I was someone else..

All I can do is get up and try, and do my best to stay up.

Stay strong.


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