Can they even help me?

Sometimes it’s hard 

feeling like the only one  that understands

It’s hard

To be the outcast among the fans

That’s when your mind starts talking.
Can they even help me?

Do you get caught up in the idea of being perfect but you see nothing worthy of that name?

Do you count your cracked and broken pieces and let them fall?

Do you try and carve down your clay so much trying to look like the statues in the photos?

Do you scratch holes and lines like train tracks from your mind?

Do you question, your very existence?

Do you wish that they wouldn’t try help you? because you don’t even know what is left that can be helped.
Let me tell you.. You are worthy.
You have such potential, don’t give up.

You have purpose, don’t question it.

You are loved, don’t believe your not.

You have beauty, don’t give in.

Yes you are broken but show me someone who isn’t, stay strong.

Yes, they can help you, let them.
You, yes you reading this. You are beautiful, smart, amazing, talented, loved, worthy, valuable and I love YOU!
Stay strong.


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