Step 1

No one cares unless it’s about them.

That is the conclusion I’ve come to.
A week ago I deleted all of 2015 off my FB page and no one has noticed.
A friend got angry at me, and I have no idea why. One other friend thought it had something to do with a FB post. So, cause I didn’t know what I did or said, so as a step 1, I decided to start with deleting the whole past year.

The problem now is, it has made me afraid to post anything else on social media. Even this blog I think I’m in trouble for or will get in trouble for. Nobody wants me to have a voice, I just don’t know anymore.

Every time I open my mouth I get in trouble for something, that’s why I’ve held so much in.

If I do let stuff out when I’m upset/angry/confused I WILL say things I’ll regret, it’s happened so much in the past, so now I just stay silent, go away, relax, then I can come back and talk. However a lot of people don’t understand that personality trait, and think I’m being immature or disrespectful.
No matter what happens I’ll keep posting on here. As I’ve said, I’m posting my mind, either face it or beat it 😛

Paper has more patience then people -AF

Sweet Despair – Cher Lloyd


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