Scars -TO

I don’t want to give up, 

but I wanna get out of here.

I don’t know the way,

Please can you make it clear?

I know somehow, it will fall into place, at the end, I will stay, but it’s hard.

To ignore the scars on my heart,

And where they show on my skin, where do I begin, cause for too long I’ve held this in.

I’m sorry, I’M SORRY!

Help me, I’m stuck between heaven and hell, 

I’m praising but I’m screaming out for your help. 

I don’t wanna give up, but I gotta learn how.
But what can I do?

 everything I say never gets through,

I’ve changed with my life,

But for you I have no right.
You said you loved me,

Cared for the last thing I couldn’t see.

How you could push me away,

Cause now I’m so broken and frayed.
I don’t know what I’ve done,

To deserve to watch your back as you run.

And your mouth never says why,

So now I’m killing myself from inside.
I’ll try to be strong,

But you’ve been breaking me all along.

You left me in the rain,

And I’ve only got myself to blame.

Stay strong.  


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