She lost it.

She’s lost it, that little spark
Found it once, but lost it again
Fell right into the dark
Now she’s in so much pain

A part of her fell away
She needs it to move on
She lost it, but she threw it away
Without it she isn’t that strong

She can’t see it, in front of her
sitting on the ground
How does she not see
Will it ever be found

This song has so much meaning
but it’s not very deep
When she finds it she will yell
until then she will not sleep

She’s found it, just that little pick
now she can play
This ditty was pretty quick 
but it’s for you Shynae.

This was inspired by one of my best memories in band. Let me set the scene. It was a dark cool night, the only light around was the stars shining down and a couple of mini campfires. We had gone to a Bon Bonfire and we were sitting around the fire playing music, and all of a sudden the guitar stopped. . She had dropped her pick in the grass, because it was dark no one could see it. If I remember correctly it took her/us about 10-15 minutes to find it, this ditty was inspired by that.

Shynae, get out of the circle.



Stay Strong.


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