What not to say.

I have calmed down by now, but I promised not to delete anything I write. This is still applicable but I’m not coming from a place of anger anymore.


Sorry for this but people are annoying me.


Dear friends and family, Please, if you care about me do NOT say any of these lines to me. The way my mind processes it is completely different to the way you “mean it”, and no, I can’t change the way my mind processes it.



How your one liners sound like in my mind;


“Go find a job”

sounds like “Go actually try get a job you loser, I can’t believe you don’t already have one. You’re pathetic”


“Just put resumes in everywhere”

yeah thanks sherlock, what the heck do you think I’ve been doing the past 5 months? ..sounds like “you haven’t even been trying have you?”


“can’t you just move out?”

Well you do the math.. I get $260 per fortnight, lowest rent I’ve seen is $120p/w and I need to pay bills and buy food and petrol with that also which is another $120p/w on top of that, so unless your gunna give me $260 per week, no. sounds like “duhhh you don’t need nothin, go run around naked in a field full of rosebushes” If I could I would, but I can’t so I shan’t.


“Life is what you make it”

well.. at the moment my life is full of crap.. so it sounds like “Your full of crap, that’s why your life is so crap, holy crap that’s a lot of crap.. you suuuuuuuuuck”


“Look forward to the future” or “God has big plans for your future”

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, but I’ve gotta get OUT of the mess that I’m in first to be able to GO forward. sounds like “Get over yourself, move on”


“God is always there”

mmhmm.. I know, but that does-ent make it ea-see-er.


” Everything will work out in the end”  =my most hated line.

*said in a calm ‘I will kill you if you continue’ voice* Yeeeesss, but this isn’t the end, I’m in the middle of it, and I can’t do anything else about it, if your not going to help me find a job or a home please back away slllooowlleeeeeeeeeeee (slowly)


“Your life’s not that hard” DON’T EVEN START ME.

sounds like “you’ve got nothing to worry about. Of what I can see from my (small inconsiderate) mind, you’ve got it easy, why are you having such a problem, there’s no problems there, this is pathetic, you are pathetic, shut up and get over yourself you pathetic cow”


My life isn’t the worst out there (trust me i know) but I AM STRUGGLING, why don’t people get that? I’m not looking for advice or any of these sentences above I am just looking for a way out and someone that will walk along beside me, someone who I can lean on if I can’t stand. And all you ever do, if you say one of these to me, is make me feel worse about myself.



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