REAL You vs Social Media You



I think quite a few of us struggle with this. The idea of being 100% honest is really scary. Since the days of social media popping up, we don’t have to worry about it anymore, or do we? Are we lying to just others or are we lying to ourselves?

After an extremely laborious study I just did (pfft.. looking through todays FB feed who am i kidding) I came up with the following 6 types of Social Media “acts” or “over exaggerations”.



This is the type of person who likes to plan out their lives on social media, Pinterest anyone? They like to show their best moments with a big bang, and their worst moments are the worst thing that’s ever happened in the world but its all ever said within one line (twitter freaks). They plan out their posts like that one annoying person in the movie theater repeating everything that is happening.
However, there are a few types of “movie directors” just like a movie they’ll have a favourite catagory:

Comedy- Always sharing memes, funny videos, seeing a lighter side to everything that goes on in their lives, and the people who think their “Punny” when commenting.

Romance- Everything is based on love, their gf/bf, but if they don’t have one they’ll say their fine with being “single” but deep down their not.

Thriller- Everything’s always happening with this type of person. They’ve always got a problem, but will not tell you all the details (your advice will never apply to it)

Action- They are always “on an adventure” whether its Traveling across the world or travelling to your local drive-thru, you’ll know about it.

Crazy Director – Youtube


With this type of SM monster you’ll hear about the good extremely occasionally. But, the bad, well that’s another story in itself. You’ll hear lines like “Why can’t I catch a break”, “I’m Sick of all this”, “Why can’t something go my way” or “Wish I could just..” Do those lines sound familiar? I think we all have one of those in our News feeds.

It’s all about I, My, Me, My.

It’s all about me song – Proud Family – Youtube


These guys usually have advice for everyone, but if anyone has advice for them they won’t listen (most of the time). Usually their the ones that  will say “Nah, I’m fine” then turn around and say “look at MY idea”. Sharing quotes and how to videos are common with this group. Remind you of anybody?

Sheldon – Youtube



These are the type of friends that will always make plans with you but never do anything. Their life is all “in theory”. All their favourite pins, posts, quotes only ever stay as that. They have millions of unrealistic ideas and dreams. They will post lots of philosophical quotes and questions even if they don’t understand them. However commenting on different posts is a different thing, these guys have a weak filter they’ll say the first thing they think and they’re usually not like that in real life. (to be honest a lot of the time we will have thought it too but controlled ourselves and not said it)




They’re always defending themselves. Will tell you a part truth of whatever’s going on but never the full truth. There’s never a straight answer. If they’ve had a fight with someone you’ll only hear their side and God forbid if you say anything for the other person. “I dunno”, “…”, “Are you taking their side”, “Fine, forget about me”, “That’s all I swear”and “I’m too busy” seems to be their go to lines. The Red herring meaning is “a clue or piece of information which is or is intended to be misleading or distracting” and that’s what they do.

Red herring example – Youtube



The ones that stay on social media all day, refresh, refresh, refresh. There are two types of these guys (I’m gunna use the same names as the movie “Warm Bodies”)

Fleshies- they will comment on everything and everything (the “alive” version of a zombie) They will not shut up, they most likely don’t have a filter or censor, and will say anything and everything and will even say it to your face. (Get why I used the term Zombie?) Dead manners, half dead mind.

Bonies- they are ALWAYS there but you hardly ever see them, but they’re reading everything you write. They’re the ones who have been on social media too much they know each and every single shortened lines and use them whenever they show their faces..”um”, “k”, “na”, “WWU”, “LMFAO”, “OWOA” when they do show up its not usually in a nice way.

Warm bodies scene – Youtube



Well, have you seen yourself in this list? How much of each one are you? Do you over exaggerate your life on social media? I think we call do at times, the problem with this is that we have come to the place where we classify this as normal. This “fake-ness” is not healthy for anyone. A lot of us put our personalities through a megaphone online, and it’s something we all need to work on, especially me.


This is me:

Director ***

Drama Q/K *

PhD ***

Abstract ***

Herring *

Zombie **

What do you think you are? What can you work on?

1-5 vote yourself. Be honest. Look through your statuses and comments.


Stay Strong.



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