“Episodes” Prequel

Me and Loz were on our way to church but somehow ended up at a lookout.

Ash and Nat were also there.

There was a giant swing right on the edge of the cliff, the views were magnificent. Behind us there was a little shop that sells gifts or lollies.

We entered.

As soon as we did people told us to sit down on these couches next to the door and they turned the lights off.. Something grabs Loz and she screams, and as soon as she does the lights come back on.

Loz, Ash and Nat walk out and the lights go off again. Something grabs my leg, I start screaming but I can’t move my lips, the lights stay off.

I start shouting but all I can muster up is “oh God oh God”

-I wake up-

(But unlike my usual, it was just a dream attitude)

I’m as cold as ice, I still can’t move my mouth or open my eyes, I try to push words out but all I get is thoughts “I love God”

Then I hear a voice in my ear angrily say “Why the hell did you have to go and do that for?” his voice was breathy and deep, I could feel breath in my ear as it spoke and gave me chills down my whole body.

Straight away my body went into a hot sweat, I was breathing heavily and it took me a few deep breaths to open my eyes wondering if there was anyone next to me.


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