Singing hostages.

The following blog is a dream I had 09/11/13, I found it in my notes on my Ipod.

I parked in a cinema car park, and started walking home from there.

On my walk home, I started climbing on and through the large oak trees on the side of the road trying to hide from a white van that kept passing. I knew the driver saw me once or twice but i kept going. A girl walks past and sees me, she stops and tries to climb the tree that I’m on but fails.

I get to some traffic lights and get down from the trees to cross the road when a boxy black ute pulls up, I recognize the people and call out to V.

“Hop in!” she calls back

so I do, we drive and chat for a while. After a bit I realize how far we’re getting away from my car, I get out and ask V if I can come visit her later and jam, which she agrees to, they drive off.

Somehow when I got out of the car I was back where they picked me up, I start walking back on the right hand side of the road in the parking lane. As I was walking more people joined me walking on the road, then a cop car pulls up, thinking it’s because we’re walking on the road we all move to the pathway.

They rush past us into an alley way around near a pub area. A couple of cops stay near us, confused on whats going on I start looking around, I look down the main street and there are people screaming and running down the street, I turn to the police and point out the screaming people, they scurry off to see whats going on.

All of a sudden every noise stops. No sirens. No screams. No cops.

A guy appears from the alleyway  with a female accomplice and starts yelling at people “SIT DOWN, DON’T MOVE!”

Once everyone has sat down he passes out some paper, I look down it has song lyrics on it

“SING IT” he shouts,

I look around and there’s around 30 people his group of hostages. I place my phone under my thigh. Everyone starts singing,

“Don’t you cry baby, I’ll be there.. Don’t be scared baby…”

After the songs over he goes over to his accomplice, mumbles for a bit, then circles back to a girl 2 people away from me and slits her throat, I turn my head but then look back, when I do his behind the girl next to me and he does the same, slits a half moon and clips her jaw bone. He disappears into a large dark hole that has been dug out under a shop block.

A third person follows him up to the girl accomplice she says to him, “Kill anyone who misbehaves, he wants to kill everyone for Judy”

He returns every once and a while yells at someone and disappears again, but because the hole in the ground is so big you can hear a clap type noise when his coming so when his away everyone starts whispering. the girl accomplice comes, everyone’s quiet, then he comes, she hears the clap.

“THEY CAN HEAR WHEN WE’RE COMING!” she yells to him “We need to block this mine!” The guy yells back “NO, THAT’S OUR WAY OUT”

They keep yelling at each other for a few minutes then stops, she starts to cover half the hole.

He turns my way, storms over, stares at me deep in my eyes..

[I wake up]


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