The Last Eight Months

I am in my early twenties and up until 8 months ago I was living in a 3 bedroom home with my mum, had a job at a hospital and had no idea how easy my life was up to that point.

After a while work became something to dread, not because I’m lazy, but because I was starting to get in trouble for doing things the way I’d done things since I started that job, people would talk behind my back and not talk to me (which made it hard when your suppose to be working together) There was a couple of ladies that just seemed to go out of their way to mess me up, I wont go into massive detail but lets just say at least $1000 worth of food was chucked out for no reason, I HATE to cry in front of people so I’d drive home with tears streaming down my face many days and some days I couldn’t even breathe properly in that place. Me and my mum were both working at the same place and this was happening to both of us, we both got to the point where we were being physically sick just thinking about going to work tomorrow.

Mum had been working there for around  years and I had only been there for 9 months.

When I found out there was a lady working there that was on anti-depressants because of the work environment, so that was where I drew the line, as much as I respect her I didn’t want to end up like her.

” Mental health is worth more then money.”

So, we both handed in our resignations and left.

We moved into a unit off a friends house in a town (about 1 and a half hours away) for 3 months, but I was coming back so often i was wasting too much petrol so i moved back, But since i don’t have a job I’ve been couch surfing ever since. Luckily my nan and pop had a spare bed cause I ended up with them  but its now the new year and I’m suppose to be out of here now

Before you start judging me,YES, I’m trying my best to get a job.. I put out at least 20 resumes a week (to a massive range of places) for the past 3 and a half months, and have only had 2 interviews in that whole time.

That’s where I’m at at the moment.

No job, No house, No idea of what 2016 will throw at me, but here we go.

More then Useless – Relient K


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