Where better to start but here

 Whoever walks in integrity will be free,
but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall.

I have had many struggles in the past, all you will eventually hear about, but i don’t want it this to always be depressing or just a place to vent (even though i know i will) I’m going to try not say everything all at once. 

I want to hear from you guys so if anything you want to say, say it. I’m telling you to face my mind so i want you to have the freedom to express yours too. If there’s any topics/questions/news items you want me to bring up comment below or email me and i will.

I don’t just want to tell you about my life, i want you to tell me about yours. You might even find yourself in these words, and I’m going to be completely honest although i do NOT want to embarrass or shame anyone so i will change names.

City on our knees – Toby Mac

I’m NOT here for attention or pity, at the moment my life sucks but
I’m here to share my story and inspire/encourage/help you.

Stay Strong.


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